Monday, April 21, 2014

Trix Are For Kids

Easter Sunday is over, and thankfully to social media; parents showed how proud they were of their adorable kiddos and praising their Most High...meaning Jesus Christ, not 420.  Although I understand the reason for the celebration, I'm happy the holiday is over with.  Not because I'm anti-Easter, but because I'm Anti-TheEasterBunny.  

That thing freaks me out.  I don't know how America, or the world, or whoever came about choosing this as the mascot; allows their kids to sit on the lap of this furry rabbit/bunny/hare...whatever you want to call it.  Give me Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy any day of the week.  I rather deal with having to explain to my kids how a fat jolly white man or a Tinkerbell like sneaks into my house...kinda like a thief...and eats my cookies with dairy products and takes my children's  pearly whites all while everyone is asleep.  


I Just had to add this one...all I think about is what happens when she runs out food.  

The bunnies from my childhood stories ran from humans, but not the ones around my house. The Peter Cottontails in my neighborhood are super bold. They fearlessly graze, literally steps, from my stoop.  They don't scurry off as I close in on them.  They do more of a hop and skip type thing, as if they're sharing the turf or bothered by my existence.   On top of that, they look east and west at the same time.  I think that's what freaks me out the most…you never know what they're looking at.  I am seriously considering moving depending on how badly they multiplied during the winter season...laughing, but very's the attack of the bunny gang.

Needless to say these children feel the same way.  Stop torturing your kids people.  Ask yourself, is the Silly Rabbit the knee your kid should be sitting on?

+Doitforthevine ...She ain't gonna do it.

The girl came prepared to fight, and won.

This is what happens when you use the sheets from Django and put ears on them? 
See you never know which way they're headed.

Seriously, no fur on the face. Who thought that was right?

The Easter Bunny has Musiq's eyes on Halfcrazy.
Need I say more. +Snoop Dogg 

Until Next Time...+TuneInMiHead

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Coachella Fever

+Coachella's first weekend experience came and went in Indio, CA. Everybody and their mama was there...well, except for me and my mama.  On top of that they still have another weekend to go.  The music celebrities are popcorn like making their surprise appearances.   +Twitter is crashing as people go #hashtag crazy, fashion is hitting +Instagram, and the sun is rising and setting in the middle of the desert as the fans/groupies pass out on their high on life experience. 

Okay, so my Chrisette Michelle wanna be a Rich Hipster slipped through my fingertips again. Here I am sitting watching the snow fall...Yes you read it right... in the City of Chicago aka ChiRaq.  On the outside I'm smiling and loving life, but on the inside I’m screaming out loud in my best +Seinfeld Elaine voice Cooooaaaacheeeeeellllllllaaaaaaaaaa!  I'm going, 2015 is my year baby. If I get these three down pack the rest will be easy as pie.

1.  Encourage My Friends to Go:  Okay so it's hard to convince my chicas to leave their cable TV for 3 days, to experience the outdoors.  This is usually the discussion. " Come on ya''s music, sun, celebrities, partying all night, (and murmur this part) sleeping in a tent in the desert.  My girlfriends' response:

2.  Practice Pitching A Tent-

3.  Dance Like Leonardo DiCaprio-Step 1.  Shrug my shoulders up and down.  2.  Sway my hips side to side.  Step 3. Allow the person who's recording me make some weird facial expression.  Step 4.  Just kick and punch at air...don't know why, but why not it's +Coachella.

Until Next Time... +TuneInMiHead

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Growing Pains

I'm catching up on season 3 of +Game of Thrones.  Yes, I was under a rock.  Anyway, there was a part that really caught my eye in episode 21.  Khaleesi was searching for an army, and the merchant tried to sell her by slicing a nipple from his soldier’s left peck.  Immediately, this took me back...back into time.  

I remember it was like yesterday.  I was developing quickly into ‘My First Training Bra.’  Learning the troubles of tucking and snapping wasn't a problem.  I don’t recall the mother daughter sit down moment where she explained to me the extremities I would experience developing these Rolling Hills.  I definitely didn't remember the chafing portion of it.  OMG, everyday no matter how much moisturizer and powder I used they were irritating.  Initially, I played it off by rubbing them through my shirt, then my bra, and then it was nails to skin action.  Then it happened.  My once brown pigmentation turned pink. 

I freaked out…”Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!,” running up the stairs,  “They’re gone! They’re gone!”  I shouted.    My grandmother, panicked by my yelling, kind of yells back, “What's gone Nichole?”   By the way, I was the first Nichole, just to let all the other grandkids bad petty moment…lol.   Not knowing how to say nipple without thinking I was cursing.  I struggled for words.   "Grandma, my…ummmm… they're gone."  “Huh child?  Calm down show me what you’re trying to say.”  I lifted up my shirt, and said "See...see...I scratched them off."  My grandma sitting in her rocking chair, doing her best to keep her giggles in, bent in a little further to get a closer look. “Now how did you do this Nichole?  I don't know...I was scratching them.  They won't stop itching. They itch all the time.”  My Grandma chuckles,  “Well, Nichole you're growing, it happens.”  “Now what? Are they going to grow back?!?!” tears forming in my eyes,  “What we going to do?!?!”

My grandmother sits back in her rocking chair, and like +Master Yoda, begins to school me “First of all you have to stop scratching, you understand?”  I nodded my head, embarrassed and responded, “Yes Ma’am.”  Pointing left towards the dresser she continues, “Now grab me that hair spray off the dresser.”   I do as I was told.  “Now, lift up your shirt, she says.”  Then suddenly I hear, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  “There. It has alcohol in it, and should do for now.  Go on downstairs and play, and stop scratching them.” she says sternly. 

Yes, my grandmother sprayed me down with Saved by the Bell's sponsor Aqua Net.  I mean, obviously, as an adult I do realize Band-Aids, cotton balls, and  peroxide were probably better options.  However, two seconds of Shhhh were just as sufficient. I doubt if it was doctor prescribed, but it worked.  I didn't itch for the rest of the day.  I don't know if it was the remedy or me just never wanting for that to happen ever again.  Needless to say they grew back and I formed a whole new appreciation for them.

Until Next Time... +TuneInMiHead